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Tool storage

Tool storage provides an organized storage for tools.

For efficient and economic operation, a well ordered system is of great importance. Therefore the use of a tool storage is essential. Fast access to the necessary tools and enough space for all tools are a must.

Snap-on provides the appropriate tool storage solution that fulfills your needs. The range of solutions for tool storage, is exceptional. They are high quality made and rock solid, can be perfectly equipped and personalized to the needs. With Snap-on tool storage each tool is in the right place.

An endless variety of sizes, equipment and upgrade possibilities offers everything you need, from the „Classic Series“ to the „Master Series“, from stationary to movable. Designed for longevity, the Snap-on tool storage solution is made for a lifetime accompany. Thanks to the countless upgrades it grows with your company.

Snap-on Products

The various models are available with a wide range of features and the latest technology, such as:

- Models with rounded corners minimize the risk of damage and injuries caused by sharp edges.

- Double wall constructions increase stiffness and longevity.

- Drawers with floor stiffeners ensure safe storage, even for heavier tools.

- Lining the drawers with non-slip material so that the tools always stay in place and do not slip back and forth.

- The Lock n Roll system prevents accidental opening of the drawers while moving.

- Highly loadable castors with ISO-Ride® system are torsionally springy and can also withstand rough ground travel effortlessly.

- Safe accommodation of power tools with the Power Bank.

- Workspaces with integrated power sources enable the connection of diagnostic devices, notebooks and other devices.

- Practical writing surfaces, which can be pulled out of a narrow drawer.

Who can use these models?

- workshops of all kinds, whether in the automotive or mechanical engineering sector and wherever order and safety, as well as efficient work are important aspects of the daily tasks.

- industrial enterprises, handicraft .... and many more.


When do I need a tool cart?

- If a normal tool storage is no longer sufficient and the tools should be stowed securely.

- If you have a lot of tools in use, it is advisable to switch to a factory vehicle.

- The old model can not fulfill its function or only to a limited extent and a high-quality model is needed.

- The tools should be lockable to prevent access for unauthorized persons.


Why should this be used?

- Automatic ordering systems and logging facilitate tool monitoring

- The tool is protected against loss

- Several tools can be transported to work stations

- Electronic tools are protected against environmental influences and saved on request

- The most important tools are always at hand. Work processes become more effective.

- The right tool is directly available and does not have to be searched for long.

- The order in the workshop is optimized.


What should the car include?

- The equipment can be adapted to individual needs. From screwdrivers, hammers, ratchet wrenches, bit sets, cordless screwdrivers, diagnostic tools to tweezers, everything that is needed for daily work can be stowed away and is ready to hand when needed.

- Inserts allow the accurate recording of tools. Nothing slips and is perfectly arranged.

- For high demands on security and monitoring of tooling, Snap-on offers optional sophisticated computer-controlled systems with electronic access management and more.


Where can I get a snap-on model?

- Our snap-on industrial customer advisors and sales partners inform and advise you on the right car for your workshop.

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