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Every technician and every workshop needs the equipment basics. Snap-on offers you the products that make your work faster, better and more comfortable. The wide product range offers everything you need for your professional workshop. Each product is designed to last, from the mobile work seat to the workshop light.

Product launches

ECARD062 Dual-Sided Flex Light

Available in 4 Popular Colors—Green, Hi-Viz, Orange and Red

Features and Benefits

  • On-board battery "fuel gauge" displays the unit's remaining power
  • The 270° folding design and multiple magnets offers the ultimate in flexible positioning
  • Strong magnets on the bottom and back enable hands-free use
  • Main light features a dimmable switch with memory; press and hold the switch to activate
  • Dual light wand design provides overall lighting
  • Switch freely between single and dual lighting
  • Spot light on top for focused light
  • Reliable and safe design—only the outside light can be turned on when folded
  • Overmolded design provides anti-skid grip
  • Recharge using the bi-directional USB-C port
Strong magnets on the bottom and back enable hands-free use


Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Power, V/mAh 3.7/4,400
Charge Time (Approximate), hours 4.5
Charger, V AC (Hz) 110 (50/60)
Lumens, High-One Side/High-Dual Side/Low-One-Dual Side/Spot 600/800/100/300
Run Time (Approximate), Hours High-One Side/High-Dual Side/Low- One-Dual Side/Spot 3.5/3/15/8
Brightness Variable
Charger EC-USB-C-1A

ECARB042A Rechargeable Worklight/Spotlight

Available in 4 Popular Colors—Green, Hi-Viz, Orange and Red. (400/300 Lumen)

Features and Benefits

  • Features an improved, durable aluminum head
  • With a 270° folding design and multiple magnets, it's the
    ultimate in  exible positioning
  • Two different lighting modes for the most popular applications
  • Variable dimmer allows you to choose the best level of light
    and remembers the setting
  • 3–6 hour run time based on brightness level
  • All-aluminum frame stands up to the most demanding uses
  • Charges with a standard, bi-directional USB-C port
  • IP54 rating allows for exposure to water and dust

Available Colours

ECARB042GA Green
ECARB042OA Orange
ECARB042YA Yellow


Lumens (Highest/Lowest/Spot) 400/100/300
Run Time (Approximate), hours high/low 3/6
Battery, Type (V/mAh) Li-ion (3.7/2,600)
Charger EC-USB-C-1A

CTFAN9050 18 V Heavy-Duty Fan

Cool Your Jets With A Snap-on® 18 V Fan
Plug-in or go cordless with this rugged, portable fan

Features and Benefits

  • Three-speed BLDC motor: DC, 18–24 V and 22 W
  • Battery lasts 13 hours on the low setting, six hours on medium and four hours on high
  • Air speed is 1,500 RPM on the low setting, 2,500 RPM on medium, and 3,000 RPM on high
  • Indexable fan housing with (3) 6-1/2" blades
  • Propeller-style blades allow for maximum airflow
  • (2) integrated 2.1 A USB ports
  • Rugged, overmolded frame
  • Oversized handle for easy carrying
  • Large, easy-to-read control panel
  • No special cords required; the fan uses a standard extension cord

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CTB8185BK 18 V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
CTB8187 18 V 5ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack
CTC720 Charger


Voltage 18
Overall dimensions, inches 13 W x 4-3/4 D x 13-1/2 H
Blade Size, inches (qty) 6-1/2 (3)
Power, Volts (Hz) 110 (60)
Air Speed, RPM 3,000 (High), 2,500 (Medium), 1,500 (Low)
Run Time (18 Volt Battery, Approximate), hours 13 (Low), 6 (Medium), 4 (High)

CTBTS9050 18 Volt Bluetooth® Speaker

You Want It Louder, More Power? 18 Volt Power Tunes Will Rock Your World

Features and Benefits

  • Powered with Snap-on® 18 V batteries or 110 V AC power cord
  • Has two (2) 2.1 amp USB ports
  • Auxiliary jack for non-Bluetooth® devices
  • Integrated headphone jack
  • Rugged structural roll cage designed frame
  • Easy Bluetooth® pairing from up to 100'
  • Large convenient carry handle with textured soft grip
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Incoming call feature pauses audio when call is accepted
  • Power saving mode automatically puts unit in standby after five
    minutes of inactivity saving battery charge

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CTB8185BK 18 V Lithium Ion Batery Pack
CTB8187 18 V 5ah Lithium Ion Batery Pack
CTC720 Charger


Power Supply 18 VDC (Snap-on® Battery)/110 V AC
Power Output 15 W
Power Consumption 20 W
USB Output 5 V 2.1 A
Weight, w/out battery, lb (kg) 5-3/4 (2.6)
Dimensions, inches (mm) 11-1/2 W x 10-1/2 D x 11.9 H (292 W x 267 D x 302 H)


Hub Scrubber w/Pad (Blue-Point®)

Features and Benefits

  • Invaluable tool for all wheel service applications
  • Quickly removes rust and corrosion from studs, rotors, hubs and wheels
  • Use with any 1/2" drive impact wrench
  • Long-lasting, replaceable abrasive pads—ATHBSCRBPADS 4pk

EETH310 Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite

Sometimes Seeing Is Better Than Believing

Features and Benefits

  • Using Wi-Fi, upload images to ALTUSDRIVE.com to print, store and share images captured on the Thermal Imager Elite
  • Point at any area of the vehicle to see detailed images of an object's heat signature
  • Shows extreme temperatures from -4–840 °F (-20–450 °C)
  • Detect problems all around the vehicle: brakes, heated seats, misfires, HVAC, worn bearings, belts, emission controls, and many more
  • Exclusive database of guided tests shows dozens of valuable automotive applications
  • Reference images showing normal components and failed components, so you know exactly what to look for
  • Large 4.3" color screen so you don’t miss a clue; 320 x 240 resolution
  • Customized views on screen to assist in diagnosis and pinpointing location; choose from picture-in-picture, full thermal and side by side
  • Color reference scale automatically calibrates, providing the temperature of everything in the image
  • Pull the trigger to capture images; use saved images for reference and to create convincing repair orders
  • Pistol-grip ergonomics for comfort and convenient access to tight locations
  • Rechargeable, high-power Lithium-ion battery with 4-hour charge life and convenient battery level indicator
  • Image refresh rate: 9 times per second
  • Includes: Thermal Imager, MicroSD card, AC charger, USB cable and Quick Start Guide


Temperature Range, °F (°C) -4–840 (-20–450)
Screen Resolution, Pixels 320 x 240
Screen Size, inches (cm) 4.3 (11)
Battery Life, Continuous Hours 4
Weight, oz (g) 12 (340)
Depth, inches (cm) 2 (5.2)
Width, inches (cm) 3.8 (9.7)
Height, inches (cm) 8.5 (21.6)

ECHDC038 Neck Light

Rechargeable hands free neck light with up to 8 hours runtime

Features and Benefits

  • Rechargeable 250 (125 on each side) Lumen COB LED work light
  • Place on your neck or head for hands free use
  • Each side pivots up to 70° for the perfect light focus
  • Dimming feature allows the user to set the light intensity at their desired level of lighting output
  • Micro USB-C rechargeable
  • Runtime up to 8 hours

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Replacement Battery


USB-C Cord

JCWTANK - Heavy Duty Off-Road Creeper

Rough or unpaved surfaces, gravel lots or other “off road” uses are no problem for the JCWTANK

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for use in the shop and the field
  • Invaluable equipment for roadside service trucks, agricultural machinery repair, heavy-duty wreckers or construction equipment repair
  • Unique wheel position allows user to swivel in place or change directions by simply leaning back on the headrest and pivoting on two wheels
  • Solid 8” polyurethane wheels are puncture proof and provide a smooth ride on any surface
  • Extra-wide pad and tilted headrest offer superior comfort
  • Custom fenders protect clothing from dirt and entanglement while working
  • Maximum capacity: 396 lb
  • Field repairable
  • Weight: 28 lb

CTLFD8850 18V 3500 Lumen cordless floodlight

Select the Right Amount of Light for Every Situation

Intelligent lighting allows for a wide range of variable brightness settings with added ability to remember the last setting

Features and Benefits

  • 50 hour run time at minimum brightness – 2 hour at maximum brightness
  • Operates on standard 18 V (CTB8185) Snap-on® cordless tool battery (not included; sold separately)
  • USB Out allows you to charge other electronic devices while working
  • Robust housing built with aluminum heat sink able to withstand the demanding environment
  • Large, well defined handles for maximum portability
  • Lighting element pivots up to 100° from resting point for ease of use
  • Magnetic feet (EC-ACY-MAG) available as accessory item


Battery Model CTB8185
Brightness Range, Low/Spotlight (Approximate Lumens) 100/3500
Dimensions (H x W x L), inches (mm) 9-1/4 x 9-1/4 x 4-3/8 (235 x 235 x 111)
Discharge Time, Hours High/Low (Approximate) 2/50

NOZZLEPG2A Aluminum Fireman‘s Hose Nozzle

New 25% Larger Head Design

Features and Benefits

• Improved head design (25% larger)
– Provides greater scratch resistance to metal surfaces
– Makes changing spray patterns easier by rotating nozzle head
– Allows for greater impact protection to the nozzle

• All aluminum housing and construction

• Santoprene® rubber prevent scratches

• Multiple spray patterns – jet, fan, power flow and low flow

• Perfect for any job including shop, garage and home

• Comfort grip handle helps prevent fatigue

Magnetic Rack SMR10 SMR13 SMR17

Safe storage of 1/4 ", 3/8" and 1/2 "sockets

Features and Benefits

• Strong rare earth magnets on front of rack holds 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" sockets

• Magnetic force on back of the rack mounts to tool drawer in seconds

• Keeps all sockets neat, organized and ready for use

• Available in 3 lengths 

Part No. Size
SMR10 10-1/4"
SMR13 13-1/4"
SMR17 17-1/4"

Snap-on Industrial Offer Q2/2018

Tool solutions for every industry. Discover Snap-on Industrial tools and offers now!

Snap-on Industrial Tools for the industry

Discover our Q2/2018 offers:

  • Hand Tool Solutions
  • Drilling Solutions
  • Hand & Electronic Torque Tools
  • Lighting
  • Modular Tool Storage
  • and much more...

View 2nd quarter 2018 Flyer here

UPT55FL Extra Long Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Strong, flexible aluminum shaft can be bent to any angle to retrieve metal objects in hard to reach areas

Features and Benefits

• Strong, flexible aluminum shaft can be bent to any angle to retrievemetal objects in hard to reach areas
• Strong Neodymium-Iron-Magnet lifts 5 lb
• Overall length 55"
• Comfortable Textured Cushion Grip will not slip in wet or oily hands

450 Lumen Work Light / 300 Lumen Flashlight

Highly versatile light developed for the automotive tech.

“The Convertible” - 400 Lumen Work Light / 300 Lumen Flashlight

Features and Benefits

• First light to use bi-directional USB-C standard for charging
• Two different lighting modes for the most popular applications
• Variable dimmer allows you to choose the best level of light,remembers your setting
• 3–6 hour run time based on brightness
• IP65 rating allows for exposure to water and dust
• All-aluminum frame stands up to the most demanding uses

Now available in 3 Popular Colors

Green, Orange and Yellow


Included Accessory

EC-USB-C-1A 1A Charger w/ USB-C recharge cable


Basic work area illumination

Underhood, Under Dash and any other area

where light is needed


Lumens 400

Run Time (hours) 3

BK8500DUAL55 Advanced Wireless Video Scope

With 5.5 Dual View Imager. Find problems quicker, deliver solutions faster.

Features and Benefits

  • 5 " LCD – largest screen in the market helps highlight the detail that competing products miss
  • Four application specific viewing modes–fine tunes optics for the most common technician applications
  • iOS® and Android® compatible–use the detachable image handle with the most popular mobile platforms for increased utility and versatility
  • Windows® compatible–connect the detachable image handle to your Wi-Fi enabled Windows® PC
  • Full VGA/all digital system–provides clearer, higher quality images than competing products
  • Capture images and video, add text or audio annotation–enhancing presentation ability
  • Analog video out capability for connecting to large format displays
  • 5.5 mm imagers get into much tighter spaces than standard 8.5 mm
  • Dual view digital cameras see straight ahead or at a 90° angle
  • Close focus provides incredible detail


  • Inspection of cylinder bores and valves through spark plug hole
  • Rear end components to check proper gear wear and uncover damage
  • Under dash for electrical routing and part number verification
  • Transmission inspections of bands and gears for wear or failure analysis
  • Locate leaks in difficult to reach locations
  • Ancillary applications outside of automotive in Industrial, Oil and Gas, Wind and General Construction

Hose Clamp Pliers (Blue Point®)

PHP1A_2A_3A Hose Clamp Pliers - With self-locking feature - Holds after applied pressure.

Features and Benefits

• Self-locking feature holds after pressure is applied. Release pressure by pulling the plier handle apart
• Patent pending offset design - More access to hard to reach areas
• Available in 5-1/2", 9-1/4" and 14" sizes
• Black industrial finish


Used to fuel lines, seal vacuum hoses or other flexible materials

Stock No.SizeJaw Capacity
PHP1A9-1/4" 1-1/4"
PHP2A 14"2-1/2"
PHP3A 5-1/2" 3/4"

Temperature Probes

EETH501D, EETH502D, EETH503D für use with our Digital Multimeters

Features and Benefits

• Measures temperature in liquids, on a surface or in the air in conjunction with a EEDM series digital multi- meter or the CTG761 temperature gun

• Patented Instinct® red handle provides comfort and grip while probing and positioning the tip

• Stainless-steel shank will not corrode

• 4' flexible coil thermo cable keeps the multi-meter a

safe distance from heat or cold

• Proven K-type thermocouple for connection to the DMM

• Can be used with optional EEDM506D temperature

adapter for multi-meters that do not have temperature function built in

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Cord Color & Type Red coil cord with yellow K-type thermocouple Red coil cord with yellow K-type thermocouple Red coil cord with yellow K-type thermocouple
Cord Length (coiled), inches (mm) 13 (330 mm) 13 (330 mm) 13 (330 mm)
Cord Length (stretched), inches (mm) 48 (1,219 mm) 48 (1,219 mm) 48 (1,219 mm)
Cord Material & Gauge Flexible rubber with flexible thermo cable Flexible rubber with flexible thermo cable Flexible rubber with flexible thermo cable
Handle color Red Red Red
Handle Length, inches (mm) 4-1/16 (103.2) 4-1/16 (103.2) 4-1/16 (103.2)
Handle Type Patented Instinct® Handle Patented Instinct® Handle Patented Instinct® Handle
Material Testing Style Liquid Surface Air
Shank Length, inches (mm) 7-1/2 (190.5) 7-1/2 (190.5) 7-7/8 (195.3)
Temperature Range, °F (°C) -40–750 (-40–400) -40–750 (-40–400) -40–750 (-40–400)
Weight, lb (kg) 0.24 (0.11) 0.29 (0.113) 0.24 (0.11)

JCW95BBL and JCW95BR Creeper

Adjustable Bucket Seat Creeper

Features and Benefits

  • New caster profile reduces rolling resistance and delivers increased maneuverability
  • Heavy-duty 16 gauge 1" steel tube frame
  • Pneumatic cylinder adjusts from 14" to 19-1/4" 
  • Fully padded, vinyl, wide bucket seat measures 17-3/4"L x 10"W x 8"H
  • Seat swivels 360°
  • Steel storage tray measures 15" x 15" and has magnetic strip to hold small parts
  • Overall dimensions: 17-3/4" L x 15" W x 28-1/4" H in fully extended position

JCW85ABL und JCW85AR Creeper Seat

New model JCW85A in black or red

Features and Benefits

  • New caster profile reduces rolling resistance and increases maneuverability
  • Integrated storage drawer and parts tray
  • 16 gauge 1" steel frame
  • Solid plywood core for strength and durability
  • High density foam pad
  • Heavy duty vinyl cover

JCW77BL and JCW77R Creeper

Flat-Oval Adjustable Heavy-Duty Creeper with one hand weight adjustment and four-position head rest.

Features and Benefits

  • New hinge mechanism allows for one-hand height adjustment
  • New at-oval tubing eliminates sharp corners and provides increased comfort
  • Four-position head rest
  • 13" wide pad for greater support
  • 4" casters and 1-3/8" ground clearance
  • Solid plywood core for strength and durability
  • High density foam pad
  • Heavy duty vinyl cover

EETH300 Diagnostic Termal Imager

Uses infrared imaging technology to reveal heat from friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more

For any vehicle and any number of applications

  • complete thermal images 
  • up of 4,800 temperature zones
  • temperatures from -4–840 °F (-20–450 °C)
  • for dozens of valuable automotive applications
  • large 3-1/2" color screen
  • rechargeable high-power Lithium-ion battery with 4 hour charge life
  • Pistol-grip ergonomics for comfort and convenient access to tight locations
  • Image refresh rate: nine times per second

New Rechargeable Flood Light ECFLOODRC

Powerful flood light with up to 8 hours running time

Rechargeable Flood light

Features and Benefits

  • High powered flood light with 2 brightness settings
    • 2500 Lumen (H) & 1250 Lumen (L)
    • approximate runtime 4 hours (H) and 8 hours (L)
  • 70 High output LEDs creates 3,800 lux at 0.5 meters
  • Intelligent charging system shows charging progress and remaining charge through colored LED
  • Total aluminum design for better heat distribution
  • Compact, robust construction with reinforced aluminum frame protected with stylized rubber edgework, slots and dots compatible
  • Powerful uniformly bright illumination
  • Flexible stand to place the lamp in the desired angle or use it as a hanger
  • IP65 resistant to water and dust
  • 25’ (7.6m) cord enables you to use the light while it charges


  • External Worksite Illumination
  • Large job illumination
  • Locations difficult to reach with corded lights
  • Emergency lighting
  • Trailer illumination


Charger: AC110V 50/60Hz
Battery: 18.5V 3800mAh Li-ion
Charging time: Approx 2.5 hours
Running time: Approx 3 hours
Charger Voltage/Current: 24V/1.5A
Brightness: Approx 3,800 lux@0.5 m 
Lumen: Approx 2,500

Rechargeable Shop Light ECFLED84

Workshop lamp with 4400 mAh Li-ion battery

Rechargeable lamp for the workshop

Features and Benefits

  • 84 high-output LEDs produce approximately 550 lumens
  • Bright spotlight on top
  • 4,400 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Includes 1A USB charger and cable - ECFLED84-1


Easier to Use Than Picks or Pliers

Tool Specs

  • Designed to securely hold and maneuver small to medium size spring
  • Deep 'V-groove' tip and 'C-groove' capture prevents spring from sliding off
  • Thicker shank versus using picks
  • Comfortable, durable acetate handle

OFHARLEY Oil Filler Tube

Oil Filler for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles and Kia® Automobiles

Oil Filler

Country of origin: USA
  • Prevents any unwanted mess; fastens and seals onto filler neck
  • No need to hold funnel while pouring in oil
  • Can fill funnel with almost 1 quart of oil and work on something else
  • Made of strong ABS plastic
  • Smooth surface so as not to scratch painted surface

2014 New Products

It has been a while since the latest catalog was released. During that time we didn't stop innovating and listened to you, our customer.

Catalogue Extension

In this Supplement you can find all the products we developed since the latest catalog, products designed as solution for our critical industries.

See the Tools & Storage page for your digital and printed copy


Pressure Fed Clamshell Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Blast Cabinet

Effectively clean metal parts right down to the bare substrate, this blast cabinet features ease of loading, pressurized media delivery and reduces operator fatigue.

Features and Benefits

  • Pressurized media system cleans up to 4 times faster than siphon systems
  • Auto refilling system eliminates the need to refill hopper with media
  • Efficient 160 CFM dust collection system uses an enclosed cartridge filter to separate dust from useable media
  • providing excellent operator visibility during use and minimizes wasted media

Pressure vessel meets applicable ASME standards- CE available

GLOVE505 Deep freeze glove

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold… Get a Pair of Deep Freeze Gloves

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme weather all over protection
  • Windproof /waterproof barrier
  • Rubberized palm and thumb for great grip
  • Reflective finger tips and cuff piping
  • New streamline logo treatments
  • Incredible dexterity

ECFONELITE New small , bright pocket light

Powerful new companion for technicians in all industries. A lot of light in a small package.

Pocket Light

  • 12 SMD LEDs produce 100 lumens on high, 65 lumens on medium
  • Uses 3AAA alkaline batteries for 7 hours runtime on high or 12 hours on medium
  • Robust rubber boot protects the light from drop hazards
  • Compact enough to take anywhere
  • Available in red, green and orange

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