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The true strength of these tools is how well they're made

With our power tools, you have tools in your hand that do the job, no matter how long it takes. Whether with state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology, compressed air or electric power, snap-on power tools deliver the power where it's needed. The precisely manufactured Power Tools convince with functionality and real longevity.

Tools for every application

Snap-on's product range offers high quality power tools for all imaginable applications and meets every requirement. High quality workmanship and the use of first class components make Snap-on tools indispensable helpers that always deliver the right power in every situation. Accuracy is especially important when it comes to torque, and here the battery-powered and electrically driven tools deliver the energy they need - not too much and definitely not too little.

Maximum control

Strength alone is not enough if it cannot be controlled. Snap-on power tools give you full control, even over many hours. The ergonomic design, perfect balance, multifunctional controls and simple operation guarantee good work every day.

Quality up, weight down

Snap-on power tools are characterized by maximum performance at low weight. They have enormous power without the high weight of other power tools.

Wireless and Unrivalled

Let yourself be inspired by Li-ion batteries of the extra class. From 14.4V MicroLithium to 18V MonsterLithium, Snap-on's wireless power tools offer the most power and endurance in their class.

Compact design in balance

The sophisticated form of Snap-on Power Tools allows you to work in areas that otherwise can only be reached with hand tools. The tools are balanced in such a way that more controlled and productive work is possible. They lie perfectly in the hand and are ideally suited for daily work.

Product launches

CTR762K2 14.4 Volt 3/8" MicroLithium Cordless Ratchet Kit

Cordless Ratchet Kit
The Snap-on® Cordless Ratchet Tackles the Bigger Fasteners

Features and Benefits

  • 70 ft-lb of torque output to get the job done
  • Digital variable speed trigger for precise tool control
  • Built in brake stops the tool from throwing sockets and fasteners
  • Integrated LED light help illuminate the work area
  • Cushion grip handle provides positive tool control
  • Large forward/reverse knob for easy change of direction
  • On board LED fuel gauge helps identify battery state of charge
  • 2.5 Ah batteries for extra long runtime between charges

Kit Contains:

CTR762DBCordless Ratchet
CTB8174Battery (2)


Square Drive, inches (mm)3/8 (10)
Battery Voltage14.4
Battery TypeMicroLithium 2.5 Ah
Manual Torque, ft-lb (N•m)158 (214)
Torque Output, ft-lb (N•m)70 (95)
Free Speed, RPM175
Height w/Battery, inches (mm)12.8
Weight w/Battery, lb (kg)2.8 (1.3)
Charge Time (minutes)70
Tool OnlyCTR762DB
Battery (qty)CTB8174 (2)
Battery ChargerCTC772A
Warranty (Battery), years1
Warranty (Tool and Charger), years1

IPSX6 IPSXL6 1/2 Drive 6" Swivel Impact Extension

Swivel Impact Extension
Swivel Impact Extension Sketch
Removes and installs bolts/nuts with a 1/2" impact gun

Features and Benefits

  • Removes and installs bolts/nuts with a 1/2" impact gun
  • Technicians can use any shallow, semi-deep, six-point, 12-point metric or SAE impact socket with this extension
  • Manufactured from special alloy and heat treated for optimum strength and durability
  • Laser welded pivot pin allows smooth, full 30° swivel action IPSX6 for efficient power transfer


Stock No.AB

CTRQ717K2 14.4 V Hex Drive Long Neck Cordless Ratchet Kit

Hex drive long neck cordless ratchet kit
Hex drive long neck cordless ratchet
Ratchet Kit SDM400a
Ratchet Kit GMB3041
Long Neck Access

Features and Benefits

  • Long Neck Reach – 13-3/4" of total length great for access applications
  • 35 ft-lb of torque output to get the job done
  • 46 ft-lb of manual torque load allows you to manually break a fastener free
  • 350 RPM free speed spins the fasteners off quickly
  • 1/4" hex drive will handle a wide variety of bits
  • Battery fuel gauge indicator lets you know the battery state of charge
  • Variable speed trigger allows for slow start up
  • LED headlight to illuminate the work area
  • Low pro le tapered head for great accessibility
  • Over-molded cushion grip for superior tool control
  • 2.5 Ah 14.4 V battery for long run time


Mud Flaps, Splash Guards, Body Panels, Under Dash, Under Hood, TPMS

Included Components

CTRQ717DBRatchet Body
CTB8174Battery (2)


Battery TypeMicroLithium 2.5 Ah
Battery Voltage14.4
Hex Drive, inches (mm)1/4 (6.35)
Torque Output, ft-lb (N•m)35 (47)
Manual Torque, ft-lb (N•m)46 (62)
Free Speed, RPM350
Length, inches (mm)13.75 (349)
Height, inches (mm)3.3 (84)
Width, inches (mm)1.8 (46)
Weight w/Battery, lb (kg)3.0 (1.3)
Operating Temperature Range, oF-4–140
Sound Pressure Level A, dBA84.6
Uncertainty K, dBA3
Vibration Level, m/s29.64
Battery (qty)CTB8174 (2)
Battery ChargerCTC772A

PT2500 PT2500L 1" Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench

Heavy Duty Impact Wrench
Twin hammer for durability

Features and Benefits

  • Twin hammer for durability
  • Powerful 2,500 ft-lb of torque output
  • 3-speed forward and full power reverse
  • Padded ergonomic side handle for comfortable use
  • Aluminum housing


Drive Size, inches (mm)1 (25)
Maximum Torque, ft-lb (N•m)2,500 (3,390)
Working Torque, ft-lb500–2,100
Free Speed, RPM4600
Blows Per Minute800
PT2500L Extended Anvil Length, inches (mm)8 (203)
Anvil TypeFriction Ring w/ Thru Hole
Air Consumption, CFM6.9
Air Inlet Thread Size1/2" NPT
Recommended Hose Size, inches (mm)1/2 (13)
Vibration Level, m/s12.4
Sound, dB(A)103
Length, inches (mm)17-1/8 (433)
Weight, lb (kg)30.36 (13.76)

ATECHMS80FK ATECHMS80MK 1/4" Hex/Square Drive Electronic Torque/Angle Screwdriver and Hex Driver Kits

Electronic Screwdriver Hex Drive
Atechms80fk 2
An Electronic Driver That Does The Work Of Multiple Mechanical Drivers

Compact electronic driver with the features of an ATECH torque wrench

Features and Benefits 

  • Exclusive 360° progressive LED ring for precise visual feedback
  • Covers a wide range of torque from 4–80 in-lb
  • Seven units of measurement; in-lb, in-oz, ft-lb, N•m, cNm, kg-cm and angle
  • Very accurate: +/-2% CW/ 3% CCW (20–100% of full scale); +/- 4%CW/6% CCW (5–19% of full scale)
  • Four modes of indication: LCD, LED, audible and vibratory
  • Thin profile membrane keypad; incorporates a lock-out to prevent accidental activation
  • Durable, composite trilobe housing
  • Set includes a T-handle for comfort when higher torque levels are required
  • Ten presets
  • Ability to select different types of batteries
  • Navigation in seven languages
  • Two-year warranty
  • Uses (1) AA battery
  • Kit includes T-handle (MSTECHHDL) for assisted turning above 40 in-lb; kit also includes tool, battery and manual in a storage tray


General automotive use and applications such as TPMS, valve covers, intake manifolds, ABS sensor fasteners, air bag module hardware and electronic board fasteners

PTC 250 - 3" Cut-Off Tool

Cut Off Tool
Cut Off Tool
Adjustable cutting wheel guard - Adjustable rear exhaust - Thermally balanced air motor

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable cutting wheel guard rotates to any safe and convenient position
  • Adjustable rear exhaust keeps exhaust away from the work area
  • Thermally balanced air motor acts as internal cooling system to protect moving parts and ef ciently routes air to control surface temperature of tool
  • Adjustable regulator matches tool speed to job requirements
  • Variable-speed paddle-style safety trigger prevents accidental start-ups
  • High-quality single-row bearings allow for smooth operation and minimal runout to keep the tool running longer
  • Black Alcryn® grips with red Snap-on® logo for improved comfort and resistance to automotive fluids
  • Easy wheel changing using standard wrenches
  • Optional accessories—AT150-20A Cut-off Wheels

Optional Accessories

AT150-20A3 Cutter Wheels 36 grit
AT150C29A3 Cutter Wheels 54 grit


Air Consumption, Free Speed, CFM (SCFM) [l/min]3.2 (23) [90]
Air Inlet Thread Size1/4"-18 NPT
Free Speed, RPM22,000
Length, inches (mm)7.2 (183)
Rated Power, HP (kW)0.5 (.37)
Recommended Hose Size, inches (mm)3/8 (10)
Sound Level dB(A) Pressure86.1
Vibration Level, m/s26
Weight, lb (kg)1.6 (.73)
Wheel Size, inches (mm)3 (76)

14.4 Volt Cordless In-Line Screwdriver Kit

Cordless screwdrivert kit
Class Leading 14.4 Volt Cordless Screwdriver. High torque and RPM in-line screwdriver handles most standard screwdriver bits and power bits.

Features and Benefits

  • 65 in-lb of torque output to get the job done
  • 1,350 Free Speed RPM
  • Variable-speed trigger allows the user to regulate the proper RPM
  • Dial in the proper torque with 9-position clutch
  • Built-in LED light to illuminate the work area
  • Includes (2) 14.4 Volt lithium batteries
  • Rapid 55-minute charge time keeps the job moving
  • Handles most standard style screwdriver bits as well as power bits
  • One-handed bit insertion
  • Ergonomic cushion grip handle keeps you working comfortably all day
  • Easy-access Forward/Reverse button


Works well for dash work, mud flaps and removing/installing door panels; ideal for screwing into metal, wood, fiberglass and plastic


Motor Voltage, VDC 


Chuck Cap., inches 

1/4 Hex 

Stall Torque, in-lb (Nm) 

65 (7.3) 

Free Speed RPM Range 


Weight with Battery, lb (kg) 

3.1 (1.4) 

Length, inches (mm) 

13.3 (337.8) 

Height, inches (mm) 

4 (101.6) 

Width, inches (mm) 

2 (50.8) 

Operating/Storage Temperature Range, °F (°C) 

-4–140 (-20–60) 

Sound Pressure Level A, dBA 


Uncertainity K, dBA 


Sound Power Lever A, dBA 


Vibration Level, m/s2 


Vibration Uncertainity K, m/s2 


PTGR450 4-1/2" 1 HP Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder
Snap-on® Heavy Duty Grinders Get Re-Designed Heavy Duty 1 HP Angle Grinders Aren’t Always Heavy

Features and Benefits

  • Thermally balanced air motor is a powerful efficient balanced motor that cools internal components
  • Adjustable rear exhaust allows you to direct air flow away from the work area
  • Built in air regulator allows you to dial in the exact speed for your specific application
  • Dual taper collet system improves bit retention
  • Easy bit changing with standard wrenches
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle isolates vibration
  • Variable speed safety style paddle style trigger helps prevent accidental start up
  • Low vibration and sound levels helps reduce fatigue and vibration
  • 12,000 RPM for maximum performance and stall torque
  • Small size provides maneuverability to reach restricted areas
  • Lightweight for superior control with low vibration
  • Improved safety lever makes engaging and operating the tool even easier
  • Adjustable wheel guard


Collet Size, inches1/4
Rated Power, HP (kW)1.0 (.6)
Free Speed, RPM12,000
Air Consumption, Free Speed (CFM)4.17 (30)
Air Inlet Thread Size1/4"-18 NPT
Recommended Hose Size, in (mm)3/8 (10)
Vibration Level, m/s²8.9
Sound Level dB(A) Pressure86.3
Length, in (mm)9 (1.47)
Weight, lb (kg)3.25 (1.47)
Wheel Size, inches (mm)4-1/2 (114)

CGGA8850PVKT Cordless Grease Gun Kit

grease gun kit
2500 PSI - with Clear Tube. Includes 48" Hose With Coupler And Tethered Cap, Charger And Extra 18 Volt Battery.

Turn-key kit gives you the ability to just add lubricant and get back to work immediately

Features and Benefits

  • Two-speed, high-torque 18 V DC motor delivers outstanding flow and pressure
  • Installed pressure gauge with protective rubber boot, limiting lubricant pressure application to 2500PSI to meet an OEM specification
  • 48" high-pressure hose with spring guard, brass coupler and tethered cap
  • Clear tube ensures positive lubricant identification, reducing the risk of mixing incompatible substances
  • Accessible check valve and combination air bleeder/filler valve
  • Dual motor protection includes self-resetting thermocouple
  • 18 Volt, high-amperage lithium-ion battery provides outstanding run time
  • Works well in cold environments
  • Comes with (1) charger and (2) batteries

Included Components

CGG8850WBGrease Gun w/battery
CTB818518 V Battery
CTC720Cordless Charger
CGG8850-PVS2500psi Pressure Relief Valve Set
EEPV5-BOOT1Pressure Gauge Boot
MET4916264748" Hose Extension w/Coupler
SG2803Series 3 Manual 1/8 Brass
MOISDC3000Brass Pneumatic Socket Dust Plate
LSL1100CLRClear Tube Kit

Optional Accessories

LSL5900Powerlock Coupler
CTC12314.4–18 V Multi-Bay Charger
LSL1414Carrying Strap


Aviation and other general usage where lubricant pressure and application needs to be monitored and limited during use

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CGG8850DB18 V Lithium Ion Grease Gun Only
CGG8850WB18 V Lithium Ion Grease Gun with Battery
CDR8815DB18 V Compact Drill Only
CT8810A18 V 3/8" Compact Impact Gun
CT8810ADB18 V 3/8" Impact Tool Only
CT885018 V 1/2" Impact Gun
CTGR8855DB18 V Angle Grinder/Cut-off Tool Only
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CTLED885018 V LED Worklight
CTL885018 V Compact Worklight


Air Purge ValveYes
Battery (qty)2
Battery ChargerCTC720
Battery TypeMonsterLithium 4.0 Ah
Battery Voltage18
Bulk Filler ValveYes
Charge Time (minutes)60
Handle MaterialGlass-reinforced Nylon
Hose Length, inches48
Hose Type48" High Pressure Hose with Protective Spring Guards
Warranty (battery)2 Years/1,000 Cycles

3/4" Drive Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrenches

Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench green
Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench high vizability
Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench orange
Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench extended
Now Available with Orange, Green and High Visability Housings. MG1250G MG1250O MG1250HV.

Eigenschaften und Vorteile

  • 1,250 ft-lb of torque
  • Six-vane rotor for faster motor startup
    • Twin-hammer impact mechanism and sealed-in oil bath lubrication provide durability and a longer tool life
  • Lightweight one-piece housing cuts tool weight to a mere 8.1 lb for superior control and less user fatigue
  • Anvil-stop feature prevents the anvil from throwing sockets and fasteners after releasing the trigger
  • One-hand reverse button for easy operation

2-Year Warranty


  • MG1250G Green
  • MG1250O Orange
  • MG1250HV High Vizability

Other Versions:

MG1250L 3/4" Drive Impact Wrench with 3" extended anvil

MG1250XL 3/4" Drive Impact Wrench with 6" extended anvil

MG1250P 3/4" 3/4" Drive Impact Wrench with a Pinned Anvil


Air Consumption, Free Speed, CFM (SCFM) [l/min]6.4 (46) [181]
Air Inlet Thread Size3/8"-18 NPT
Anvil TypeFriction Ring
Blows Per Minute, BPM1,050
Drive Size, inches (mm)3/4 (19)
Free Speed, RPM6,200
Length, inches (mm)8 (203)
Maximum Torque, ft-lb (Nm)1,250 (1,694)
Recommended Hose Size, inches (mm)3/8 (10)
Sound Level dB(A) Pressure99.8
Sound Pressure Level, dB(A)99.8
Vibration Level, m/s²10.38
Vinyl BootMG1200BOOT
Weight, lb (kg)8.1 (3.6)

25 pc Metric Thunderbit Set

Metric thunderbit set
Metric thunderbit set opened
DBTBM125K 25 pc Metric Thunderbit Set for easier drilling. Without center punching.

Features and Benefits

• 135° split points - easier drill starting - no need for center punching
• Semi-parabolic design - improved chip and shaving ejection away from the hole - heat reduction on the bit
• M2 premium high speed steel
• Black and gold finish for multiple applications


Higher speeds of the bits allow the use in tougher conditions

Set components

Stock No.SizeStock No.Size

Airhose100 - Polyurethane Air Hose

Air hose red
Reinforced Polyurethane air hose. 100 feet long and extremely lightweight.

Features and Benefits

• Extremely lightweight for easy maneuverability
• Reinforced, multi-layer construction
• More abrasion resistant than PVC and rubber hoses
• Easy to wrap and store even in subzero weather
• UV stabilized for longer outdoor life
• Strain relief features a tight bending radius to virtually eliminate hose kinking
• Reusable fittings and strain reliefs for longer life
• 100' long, red


Hose i.D., inches3/8
Hose length, feet100
Temperature Range-40–165 °F (-40–73.9 °C)
Thread Size1/4" NPT
Working Pressure200 PSI @ 70 °F (21 °C)

CTS761 Cordless Screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver
Same Great Cordless Screwdriver… Now with Longer Lasting Runtime and More Torque Output

1/4" Hex Drive Micro-Lithium Cordless Screwdriver

  • Digital variable-speed toggle style trigger for precise control
  • Twin-beam headlights illuminate the work area
  • Built-in brake stops the tool from throwing sockets and fasteners
  • Quick 55 minute battery charge for less down time
  • 9 Position clutch allows you to dial in the proper torque
  • 150 in. lbs. of torque output
  • Overcurrent protection protects the electronics
  • Under voltage protection will not overdraw the battery
  • Built-in gauge displays the battery charge state
  • Screened motor keeps debris from entering critical components
  • Cushion grip handle provides positive tool control with less fatigue
  • Glass-filled nylon housing for durability
  • Super bright LED head light
  • Two Speed Gearbox - 400/1400 RPM
  • 300 in. lbs. manual spindle lock torque

CTMINITOTE Power Tool Mini Tote Bag

Power tool mini tote
Storage for All of Your Cordless Tools

Power Tool Mini Tote Bag

  • Wide opening for easy access to your tools
  • Well padded to protect your tools
  • Durable 600 denier nylon outside for strength
  • Interior pockets and compartments for tool organization
  • Padded handles for comfortable transport
  • Reinforced bottom for strength
  • Heavy duty snap resistant industrial zipper
  • 10" L X 9" D X 9" H

Contact your Industrial Customer Service for availability.

CTLZ761 Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight
Rechargeable Flashlight with Laser Carries MicroLithium Power Pack

Micro Lithium Flashlight

  • Super bright light-200 lumens
  • With laser function
  • Low battery indicator (10 minutes)
  • 4 hour run time
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Resists automotive fluids
  • Impact modified nylon housing

Contact your Industrial Customer Service for availability.

ATECH2FR100B New Electronic Torque Wrench

electronic torque wrench
A new tool to leverage technology with a brandnew, ergonomic design

Electronic Torque Wrench

  • Cycle counter to ensure how many fasteners have been torqued
  • Six measurement modes- Ft. Lbs., In. Lbs., Nm, dNm, Kgcm, & Angle.
  • Torque accuracy ±2%CW, ±3%CCW, 20% to 100% of full scale
  • Flared end prevents your hand from slipping off during high leverage applications
  • Highly configurable-10 Presets with the ability to customize numerous functions(sleep mode, LCD display, calibration, etc.) and store up to 50 records
  • Torque then Angle allows the user to torque fasteners and then switch to angle without removing the torque wrench from the fastener
  • Low profile buttons protect against accidental activation
  • Long battery life-80 hours continuous use

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