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Manual Torque Multipliers (Plate Style)

MTMP4400 and MTMP7000

Features and Benefits

MTMP4400 and MTMP7000

• True torque multiplication guaranteed better than +/-4%
• High ratios allow the use of a small torque wrench
• Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR) fitted as standard; keeps the multiplier loaded for easier and safer operation
• Robust construction means minimal maintenance and long life


Stock No. Torque Ratio Certification Anti Windup Min. Torque Output (ft-lbs) Max. Torque Output (ft-lbs) Min. Torque Output (Nm) Max. Torque Output (Nm) Input Size Output Size
MTMP4400 25:1 No Yes 450 4400 610 6000 1/2 1-1/2
MTMP7000 125:1 No Yes 700 7000 950 9500 1/2 1-1/2

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