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ATECH2FR100B New Electronic Torque Wrench

A new tool to leverage technology with a brandnew, ergonomic design

Electronic Torque Wrench

  • Cycle counter to ensure how many fasteners have been torqued
  • Six measurement modes- Ft. Lbs., In. Lbs., Nm, dNm, Kgcm, & Angle.
  • Torque accuracy ±2%CW, ±3%CCW, 20% to 100% of full scale
  • Flared end prevents your hand from slipping off during high leverage applications
  • Highly configurable-10 Presets with the ability to customize numerous functions(sleep mode, LCD display, calibration, etc.) and store up to 50 records
  • Torque then Angle allows the user to torque fasteners and then switch to angle without removing the torque wrench from the fastener
  • Low profile buttons protect against accidental activation
  • Long battery life-80 hours continuous use

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