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25 pc Metric Thunderbit Set

DBTBM125K 25 pc Metric Thunderbit Set for easier drilling. Without center punching.

Features and Benefits

• 135° split points - easier drill starting - no need for center punching
• Semi-parabolic design - improved chip and shaving ejection away from the hole - heat reduction on the bit
• M2 premium high speed steel
• Black and gold finish for multiple applications


Higher speeds of the bits allow the use in tougher conditions

Set components

Stock No. SizeStock No.Size
DBTBM1 1mm DBTBM7.5 7.5mm
DBTBM1.51.5mm DBTBM8 8mm
DBTBM22mm DBTBM8.5 8.5mm
DBTBM2.52.5mm DBTBM9 9mm
DBTBM33mm DBTBM9.5 9.5mm
DBTBM3.53.5mm DBTBM10 10mm
DBTBM44mm DBTBM10.5 10.5mm
DBTBM4.54.5m DBTBM11 11mm
DBTBM55mm DBTBM11.5 11.5mm
DBTBM5.55.5mm DBTBM12 12mm
DBTBM66mm DBTBM12.5 12.5mm
DBTBM6.56.5mm DBTBM13 13mm

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