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Off Road Creeper

JCWTANK - Heavy Duty Off-Road Creeper

Rough or unpaved surfaces, gravel lots or other “off road” uses are no problem for the JCWTANK Read more Productnews
Cordless screwdrivert kit

14.4 Volt Cordless In-Line Screwdriver Kit

Class Leading 14.4 Volt Cordless Screwdriver. High torque and RPM in-line screwdriver handles most... Read more Productnews
Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

PTGR450 4-1/2" 1 HP Heavy Duty Angle Grinder

Snap-on® Heavy Duty Grinders Get Re-Designed Heavy Duty 1 HP Angle Grinders Aren’t Always Heavy Read more Productnews
10pc Flank Drive Wrench Set

SOXRM710 10 pc 12-Point Wrench Set

10 pc 12-Point Metric Flank Drive® Plus Non-Reversing Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Read more Productnews
Cordless Floodlight

CTLFD8850 18V 3500 Lumen cordless floodlight

Select the Right Amount of Light for Every Situation Read more Productnews
Torx long bit socket

STXL80E 1/2" Drive TORX® T80

Long Bit Socket to remove and install wheel studs Read more Productnews
Aluminum Fireman‘s Hose Nozzle

NOZZLEPG2A Aluminum Fireman‘s Hose Nozzle

New 25% Larger Head Design Read more Productnews
TRX72 Locking Flex-Head Ratchet

TRX72 Locking Flex-Head Ratchet

1/4" Drive Dual 80® Technology Standard Handle Read more Productnews
Flex-Ratchet thrlx72

THRLX72 1/4" Drive Flex-Head Ratchet

Dual 80® Technology Long Handle Quick-Release Locking. Available in Three Popular Colors. Read more Productnews
Magnetic Rack

Magnetic Rack SMR10 SMR13 SMR17

Safe storage of 1/4 ", 3/8" and 1/2 "sockets Read more Productnews
Snap-on Flyer 2Q 2018

Snap-on Industrial Offer Q2/2018

Tool solutions for every industry. Discover Snap-on Industrial tools and offers now! Read more Productnews
Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool

UPT55FL Extra Long Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool

Strong, flexible aluminum shaft can be bent to any angle to retrieve metal objects in hard to reach... Read more Productnews
Flashlight - Work light

450 Lumen Work Light / 300 Lumen Flashlight

Highly versatile light developed for the automotive tech. Read more Productnews
grease gun kit

CGGA8850PVKT Cordless Grease Gun Kit

2500 PSI - with Clear Tube. Includes 48" Hose With Coupler And Tethered Cap, Charger And Extra 18... Read more Productnews
Wireless Video Scope

BK8500DUAL55 Advanced Wireless Video Scope

With 5.5 Dual View Imager. Find problems quicker, deliver solutions faster. Read more Productnews
Impact socket deep shallow

Flank Drive® Shallow and Deep Impact Sockets

1/4" Drive 6-Point Metric 4 and 4.5 mm - IMTMM4 IMTMM4.5 SIMTMM4 SIMTMM4.5 - Expanding Capabilities... Read more Productnews
Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench green

3/4" Drive Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrenches

Now Available with Orange, Green and High Visability Housings. MG1250G MG1250O MG1250HV. Read more Productnews
12 point sae flank drive shallow semi deep sockets

1/4" Drive 12-Point SAE Flank Drive® Shallow and Semi Deep Sockets

TMD_TMDS Expanding Capabilities with Series Size Additions Read more Productnews
Magnetic cell phone holder 1

Magnetic Cell Phone Holders

KACHM - Magnetic cell phone holder that can stick to any metal surface Read more Productnews
Flank drive deep sockets

1/4" Drive 6 and 12-Point Metric Flank Drive® Shallow and Semi Deep Sockets

TMMD_TMMDS - Manufactured from the highest quality proprietary steel, providing optimum strength and... Read more Productnews
Flank drive deep sockets

3/8" Drive 6-Point Metric Flank Drive® Shallow and Deep Impact Sockets

IMFM6_7 SIMFM6_7 - Expanding Capabilities with Series Size Additions Read more Productnews
Metric thunderbit set

25 pc Metric Thunderbit Set

DBTBM125K 25 pc Metric Thunderbit Set for easier drilling. Without center punching. Read more Productnews
Hose clamp plier

Hose Clamp Pliers (Blue Point®)

PHP1A_2A_3A Hose Clamp Pliers - With self-locking feature - Holds after applied pressure. Read more Productnews
Fast Flag display lights

FastFlag - Status Display Lights

Provides visual feedback of Automated Tool Control Box status in real time Read more Productnews
Automated tool detection

ZoomID - Automated Tool Detection

L5ZOOMID_ Track specific “serialized, certified and calibrated” assets. Current ATC hardware and... Read more Productnews
Control Tech Wrench

Snap-on ControlTech TM Wrenches

Micro Electronic Torque Wrenches. The World’s Smallest, Fully Featured Digital Torque Wrench. Read more Productnews
ATC Upgrade Kit Snap-on

ATC Upgrade Kits

Hardware & Software upgrades for Versions 1 & 2 - improves performance and provides current... Read more Productnews
Manual torque multiplier

Compact Manual Torque Multipliers

Excellent Access and Easy Handling. Compact dimensions. Exact multiplication ratio. Read more Productnews
Air hose red

Airhose100 - Polyurethane Air Hose

Reinforced Polyurethane air hose. 100 feet long and extremely lightweight. Read more Productnews
Manual torque multiplier

Manual Torque Multipliers (Plate Style)

MTMP4400 and MTMP7000 Read more Productnews
Pliers set


47ACF - 87ACF - 97ACF Read more Productnews
Pliers set

PL306ACF 3 pc Pliers Set

86ACF - 96ACF - 46ACF Read more Productnews
Long power socket wrench insert S6116

S6116 Long Impact Socket

1/2 Drive 16mm 4" for head bolts on 6.4L Ford® PowerStroke® Diesel Read more Productnews
Masters Series tool cart


Masters Series TUV with 3 Super Wide Drawers. Many configurations and optional accessories. Read more Productnews
Temperature probes 1

Temperature Probes

EETH501D, EETH502D, EETH503D für use with our Digital Multimeters Read more Productnews
Snap-on Shop Cart krsc430

KRSC430_SERIES 40" Sliding Lid 6+2 Drawer Shop Cart

Work more effectively under the lid in this 40 inch shop cart Read more Productnews
Adjustable bucket seat

JCW95BBL and JCW95BR Creeper

Adjustable Bucket Seat Creeper Read more Productnews
Shallow spline sockets

LES_SES Shallow Spline Sockets

Socket for high tensile strength spline nuts and bolts Read more Productnews
Creeper seat black

JCW85ABL und JCW85AR Creeper Seat

New model JCW85A in black or red Read more Productnews
AWTXL8 8-teiliges extralanges Torx-Sechskantschlüssel-Set Maße

AWTXL8 8 pc Extra-Long Torx Hex Key Set

5x greater protection against corrosion, 20% stronger than standard steel Read more Productnews
[[]] AWMXL10 10 pc Extra-Long Metric Hex Key Set 2

AWMXL10 10 pc Extra-Long Metric Hex Key Set

20% stronger than standard grades of steel Read more Productnews
Kampt series tablet 1

KAMPT_SERIES Magna Panel Trays

Magnetic panel trays in large or small to carry a variety of tools to work station Read more Productnews
Electronic torque wrench 1

ATECH3FR300B 1/2" Drive Electronic Torque Wrench

Economical Way to Handle Higher-Torque Applications - 20% more torque coverage than other 1⁄2 drive... Read more Productnews
Creeper red detail

JCW77BL and JCW77R Creeper

Flat-Oval Adjustable Heavy-Duty Creeper with one hand weight adjustment and four-position head rest. Read more Productnews
Magnetic Tray

KADM Magnetic Parts/Disassembly Trays

Magnetic Tray fits Roll Cabs, Roll Carts and Top Chests Read more Productnews
Wrench set

SOXRRM710 Combination Wrench Set

Metric Reversible Ratcheting Flank Drive® Combination Wrench Set Read more Productnews
Diagnostic thermal imager

EETH300 Diagnostic Termal Imager

Uses infrared imaging technology to reveal heat from friction, electrical resistance, pressure... Read more Productnews
Mobile tool organisation

5S Dual VCC Mobile Tool Organization and Control Program

Visually manage tools at the “Point of Use” with a lean, completely customizable tool control system Read more Productnews
Rechargeable floodlight 1

New Rechargeable Flood Light ECFLOODRC

Powerful flood light with up to 8 hours running time Read more Productnews
Rechargeable shop light 1

Rechargeable Shop Light ECFLED84

Workshop lamp with 4400 mAh Li-ion battery Read more Productnews


Prevention from FOD Read more Productnews
FOD brand

Dual 80® Technology with Industrial Finish – Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Ratchets GS80AFOD / GSL80AFOD

Snap-on’s new FOD Ratchet with Industrial Finish features Dual 80® technology for more power in less... Read more Productnews
Adjustable valve persuader wrench

Adjustable Valve Persuader Wrenches

We are pleased to announce an 8 ½” version of Snap-on’s Adjustable Valve Persuader Wrench. This... Read more Productnews
Custom wrench set


Flank Drive® wrenching system provides superior gripping power Read more Productnews
Supervalue steel box

50732 Supervalue Stainless Steel Box

Toolbox of steel Read more Productnews
Bulk storage


Secure storage with “at a glance” inventory control Read more Productnews
Spring tool


Easier to Use Than Picks or Pliers Read more Productnews
Retaining ring pliers

PR215 Retaining Ring Pliers set

2 Piece 15 Inch Retaining Ring Pliers Set Read more Productnews
Ofharley oil filler tube

OFHARLEY Oil Filler Tube

Oil Filler for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles and Kia® Automobiles Read more Productnews
Flexible mount system

KAMH Handle Mount System

A More Convenient Way to Work With Electronics and Diagnostics Read more Productnews
Cordless screwdriver

CTS761 Cordless Screwdriver

Same Great Cordless Screwdriver… Now with Longer Lasting Runtime and More Torque Output Read more Productnews
Power tool mini tote

CTMINITOTE Power Tool Mini Tote Bag

Storage for All of Your Cordless Tools Read more Productnews
Rechargeable flashlight

CTLZ761 Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlight with Laser Carries MicroLithium Power Pack Read more Productnews
Aircraft hose clamp socket

AHCS1 Aircraft Hose Clamp Socket

An Aviation Mechanics Dream… One Socket That Fits All! Read more Productnews
Shallow spline socket set


9 Piece 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Shallow Spline Socket Set Read more Productnews
Deep spline socket set

207TFEL Deep Spline Socket set

7 Piece 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Deep Spline Socket Set Read more Productnews
Twist socket set

122TSTY Improved Twist Socket set

Removes hex, round, square, & other fasteners that have very thin, rounded or tapered heads Read more Productnews
2014 New Products

2014 New Products

It has been a while since the latest catalog was released. During that time we didn't stop... Read more Productnews
Blast cabinet


Pressure Fed Clamshell Abrasive Blast Cabinet Read more Productnews
Dog box

KRDB Series Dog Box

Aviation Dog Boxes: Walk your tool box wherever it needs to go. Read more Productnews
Deep freeze glove

GLOVE505 Deep freeze glove

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold… Get a Pair of Deep Freeze Gloves Read more Productnews
Short handle flex ratchet

FF80 Short Handle flex Ratchet

Short Handle Flex for Added Flexibility in Confined Spaces Read more Productnews
Semi-deep Flip Socket set

106FLIPSET Semi-deep Flip Socket set

6pc 1/4” drive 8mm to 15mm semi-deep flip sockets with 2” and 6” hex to square adaptors Read more Productnews
Volvo Trucks Tool

S6314 Volvo Trucks Tool

For removing and installing the camshaft cap bolts on Volvo® trucks engine Read more Productnews
Extra wide Roll Cab

KRA2423 Classic Extra wide Roll Cab

The top 5” drawer is ideal for maximum vertical socket storage, power tools, meters, etc. The 3”... Read more Productnews
KRA60B The new large toolchest

KRA60B The new large toolchest

This larger capacity road-style chest is made for intesive use in the Oil & Gas Industry. With added... Read more Productnews
pocket light

ECFONELITE New small , bright pocket light

Powerful new companion for technicians in all industries. A lot of light in a small package. Read more Productnews
electronic torque wrench

ATECH2FR100B New Electronic Torque Wrench

A new tool to leverage technology with a brandnew, ergonomic design Read more Productnews
Motek Fair 2018

37th Motek – International trade fair for automation in production and assembly

Snap-on is present from 08.–11. October in Stuttgart, Germany. Read more Events
Aero Friedrichshafen 2018

Invitation to the Aero 2018

From 18.4. - 21.4.2018 at the 26th Aero Friedrichshafen again many innovations and new solutions... Read more Events
Aero 2018 Friedrichshafen

Snap-on at Aero 2018 in Friedrichshafen

From 18th to 21th April the Aero 2018 takes place in Friedrichshafen. We are looking forward to see... Read more Events
Hardware Fair Cologne 2018

International Hardware Fair Cologne 2018

Work Hard! Rock Hard! The Fair will take place on March 4 to 7, 2018 Read more Events
Snap-on at Motek 2017 in Stuttgart

36th Motek – International trade fair for automation in production and assembly

Snap-on is present from 09.–12. October in Stuttgart, Germany. Read more Events
Booth at Interairport Munich 2017

Snap-on at Interairport Munich 2017

The 21st International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design & Services will take... Read more Events
Paris Air Show Logo

Visit us at Paris Air Show 2017

Snap-on Industrial is present and will show new products and technology for the aviation industry Read more Events
[[]] Banner Logo cebeo brussels

Snap-on at cebeo technologie fair 2017 in brussels

From 16th to 18th May the cebeo technologie 2017 fair takes place in brussels. Read more Events
Snap-on Industrial at Aero 2017 in Friedrichshafen

Snap-on at Aero 2017 Friedrichshafen

From 5th to 8th April the Aero 2017 takes place in Friedrichshafen. Come and visit us! Read more Events

Snap-on present at the 2016 Aero in Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen - The AERO will take off with about 600 exhibitors from April 20 to 23, 2016. Read more Events
Snap-on present at Interairport Munich

Snap-on present at Interairport Munich

Renowned as the leading one stop shop event for the entire airport industry Read more Events
Snap-on is present at Maintenance 2015 in Antwerp

Snap-on is present at Maintenance 2015 in Antwerp

The maintenance trade fair gives you a complete overview of all the latest trends and developments Read more Events
Snap-on present at INTEC Leipzig

Snap-on present at INTEC Leipzig

From 24 till 27 of February Snap-on will exhibit at the Intec Fair, Leipziger messe. Read more Events
Snap-on at Metavak Gorinchem

Snap-on at Metavak Gorinchem

For the tenth time METAVAK offers Gorinchem a platform for companies from the cutting and not... Read more Events
Snap-on at Windenergy Hamburg

Snap-on at Windenergy Hamburg

Meet the future of the wind industry in Hamburg Read more Events
Snap-on present at Paris Air Show 2015

Snap-on present at Paris Air Show 2015

The SIAE is the world’s leading and largest aerospace trade show. Over the years, the Paris Air Show... Read more Events
ILA Berlin 2014

ILA Berlin 2014

Snap-on at ILA 2014. Read more Events
Aero Friedrichshafen

Aero fair at Friedrichshafen

Snap-on at Aero 2014! Read more Events
Maintenance Hamburg 2014

Maintenance Hamburg 2014

Snap-on at Maintenance Hamburg 2014 Read more Events
Maintenance Antwerp 2014

Maintenance Antwerp 2014

Snap-on is at the Maintenance 2014 in Antwerp Read more Events
NORTEC Messe Hamburg

NORTEC Fair Hamburg

Snap-on Industrial will participate at the 2014 NORTEC Messe in Hamburg, Germany from 21 till 24 of... Read more Events

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