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Energy & Natural Resources

Harsh working conditions require non negiotiable quality and endurance for tools. That is what we do.

Energy generation and natural resource extraction are among the most demanding industries on Earth 

From initial concept through final finish operation, all Snap-on tools are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, comfort, and safety possible, whenever and wherever your need arises.

Snap-on Industrial offers the most comprehensive assortment of hand and power tools, torque measuring instruments, tool storage cabinets, and specialty tools and equipment available, all with the same promise: the finest tools available anywhere. The most demanding applications require the most unyielding tools. When failure is not an option, Snap-on is the only option.

From choice of material through manufacturing tolerances and heat treating, quality is always our primary goal. From a single wrench to a complete turnkey tool installation, our products, services, and capabilities provide the tools you need to extend your reach wherever opportunity is found.


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