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Tool safety

Tool safety helps to prevent dropping tools at height.

Due to today’s multitude of existing industries, dropping tools is one of the 10 main causes of accidents involving injury or even death. The safety of you and your workers must be guaranteed for this very reason. In addition to the applicable industry regulations, people must be protected from falling objects.

It is important to note that depending on the severity and size of the tool in usage, the appropriate safety precautions must be taken. This includes the direct protection by the right tool backup to keep the risk of injury low, but also prevent the tool loss. In several areas, dropping a tool, for example in machines, shafts or water can cause devastating damage. The obtained user safety reduces the risk many times and allows efficient and productive work. The Use is appropriate for all areas of work at height, but also deep in the ground. This includes works on bridges, overhead power lines, oil rigs, aircrafts, buildings, caves and much more. Fastened Tools are precisely designed for this purpose. "


Tools @ Height" is a Snap-On Industrial brand. The assortment includes products relevant for tool safety, ready for environments where dropping or loosing tools should not happen.

Designed and developed by Snap-on Industrial, the tool system is used in the oil, gas and energy industries as well as in the aerospace industry. The system does not only include securing the tool itself, it also ensures perfect organization and prevents loss. From storage in the workshop to transport to the place of work.

We have over 1,000 tools in the system: They are equipped with a strong and reliable lanyard attachment point. This is designed in such a way that it does not impair the functionality of the tool. The snap-on tool lanyards are available in various designs and can be attached to the operator or at a suitable point depending on the tool weight. Our products are tested and certified according to the requirements of quality management (ISO 9001).

These special tools are used both in height and on the ground:

Working at heights: e.g. Wind turbines, aerospace, buildings, telecommunication masts, power lines, bridges, cranes, hangars ...

Works on the ground: Prevents tools falling into machines, food production lines, mine shafts, fuel chillers, restricted access areas ...

Safety at work

- The Tools @ Height tools should be used wherever the tool can drop more than 2 meters.

- The user must be properly trained in the handling of the tools and meet appropriate safety requirements.

- The safety officer should carry out a risk assessment of the task to be carried out and provide instructions on the tools and equipment to be used, as well as to create checklists and to authorize the work.

- The workplace must be checked for loose objects.

- Check the equipment and structure of the workplace to ensure the securing of fittings, screw joints, covers, etc.

- Cover the ground lattice to prevent the passage of small objects

- Place barriers around the "drop zone" below the work area.

- Check the skirting boards on all scaffolding platforms.

- Attachment of equipment and material to avoid falling down.

- Keep the environment clean during work in order to avoid incidents.

- Pay attention to other activities under and around the work area.

- After the work has been completed, it is necessary to check whether tools, equipment or materials have not been forgotten.

- Ensure that all tools, equipment and materials have been returned to their proper storage location. The work environment should be left tidy.

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