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Tool management

Tool management for managing tool resources economically.

A tool management system is of great importance when it comes to manage your resources economically, to reduce costs and optimize the availability of tools.

Ensure availability

In many cases, it is important to know if a tool is available, and if not, where it is located. Depending on the size of the company and the amount of existing tools, the management can become a confusing matter. In consequence, manual methods generate large and inefficient effort.

Data controlled

The electronic management offers great benefits here. A comprehensive logging of all operations, including the identification of the employee, the date of the tool removal and return as well as the data collection related to the availability, are a few examples for the advantages of such an efficient solution. Data queries can be accessed directly by a terminal, mounted on top of the Snap-on toolboxes. The loss of work material is reduced to a minimum.

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