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FOD stands for "Foreign Object Damage“

FOD stands for "Foreign Object Damage" and refers to the damage, deterioration, impairment and much more, caused by foreign objects. The aircraft industry in particular is confronted by FOD because of increasingly higher speeds and big engines. Industries like aerospace, storage, shipping, military and similar branches are affected by the occurrence of loose objects, debris and even animals. Even the smallest parts can cause great damage. This might be paper clips, pens, packaging, stones, sand, ash, building materials, birds and much more.

A well-known example is the US Airways Flight 1549. The machine flew into a flock of Canadian geese. The engines failed, the pilot rescued the lives of all passengers by landing in the Hudson River.

Another example of the immense damage to man and machine is the tragic crash of the Air France flight 4590. In the year 2000, the Concorde crashed after another machine had lost a sheet metal strip of a titanium alloy on the runway. A tire of the Concorde was slit through the part. Thereupon a large piece of tire destroyed the underside of the wing and a tank rupture under the energy of the impact. In addition, the tire part destroyed the chassis electrics. It was no longer possible to cancel the start and the misfortune could no longer be averted.

The prevention of FOD can not be of sufficient importance.

Snap-on takes its responsibility as a tool brands and offers FOD tools.

Even the smallest objects cause major damage in the aerospace industry. FOD costs millions of dollars every year. The loss of a small component such as a screw, which is released from a tool can have fatal consequences for man and machine. The unique and innovative tools from Snap-on have been specially developed for the prevention of FOD. They provide security and control in connection with a sleek design. 

A management system is another factor for the prevention of such accidents. A tool loss can mean enormous economic damage. Snap-on provides automated tools in order to prevent tool loss. Automated surveillance systems with extensive capabilities provide an overview of your inventory and offer maximum security.

We would like to inform you about our entire range of "Foreign Object Damage" avoidance.

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